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  If your located in Orange, CA or Orange county and have dreamed about having a better relationship between you and your horse, Ed & Nancy Thornton can teach you how to make that dream come true through horse training education. Thornton Ranch does presentations and demostrations for horse riding clubs, fundraisers and 4-H groups at no charge. For more information Contact Thornton Ranch.

Ed is the only triple certified John Lyons trainer and is endorsed by John Lyons himself. The motto at Thornton ranch is "Safe Horse, Safe Rider" which speaks volumes about how Ed trains his students and their horses. The goals are to keep you safe, your horse safe as well as give you the skills to teach and train your horse.

Thornton Ranch offers a wide variety of horse training education from the very basics to advanced courses that will teach you how to train your horse. Please see our events calendar to see what coming up. If you don't see a particular class that fits the horse training you're looking for contact Thornton Ranch to discuss a customized program to fit your needs.

Also, available is the children's horsemanship program for the young horse riders. Please contact use if you have any questions.

Thornton Ranch is located in Yucca Valley, CA. The facilities provide an excellent and safe learning environment for you and your horse.